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Years ago there was a young man who fell in love with a lovely young lady. He had a head of hair that in his later years was so thick and silver it was befitting of a king. She had a heart for her family, her friends and her community. They instilled values and morals in their children. They toiled the land together. She helped him during the harvest and he joined her in the pea patch. They cared for their animals like they were family. There was joy in their home, even during hard times.

Their love knew no boundaries.

Their love was infectious.

Their love carries on. I see it when I open the cupboard, and my eyes fall on a piece of their china. It reminds me of family meals where he is the first to tell her how good it tastes and she scolds anyone trying to sneak a bite of his favourite dish before he does. I see it in the books lining the shelves in my home. I see him fast asleep in his chair with his bible on his lap and her knitting while I lay on the floor, curled up in front of the fireplace, reading her copy of Little House on the Prairie. I feel them in my heart when I think about love. Love on the Prairie. A love built in the countryside. Love that whispers in the wheat fields. Love that beckons from inside the barn. So no matter where you find yourself sitting, whether it is in the barn while a calf is being born or you are sitting in an office longing for the country. If you see yourself being in love like this, with a desire in your heart for the country, I would love to hear from you.  Together we can record the first chapter in your country love story for your children and grandchildren to cherish.



I am a wedding photographer specializing in the country lifestyle, using natural light to capture emotion filled images and detailed images of engagements, bridals, weddings and equine portraits in Vermilion, Alberta as well as travel throughout North America.

My wedding clients book 12-18 months in advance so please contact me when you have set your date! I take pride in making sure your photos are a unique reflection of you and your fiance. I will post a next day quick ‘sneak peek’ on my facebook page or blog highlighting a few photos from your wedding! I am also pleased to offer a generous referral program – your recommendation to friends and family is the highest compliment you can give!

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